Our Services

We bring over 32 years experience to you. Warm Solutions and American Chimney Services have been servicing the Bay Area for just over 15 years.

Whether you need us to reassure you that your fireplace is safe to use or your starting from scratch with a New Fireplace Installation, we truly are your “premier contractor” for your chimney and fireplace services.

We are Licensed, Bonded and Insured. Our contractor’s license #827201 includes the proper classifications (C29-Masonry & C61/D34-Prefabricated Equipment) required to perform “All” necessary repairs and installations for your chimney or fireplace. Visit California Contractor’s State License Board’s website for details.

Our professionally trained service technicians are 100% our employees and fully covered under State Compensation Insurance Funds Worker’s Compensation Policy. Our policy protects you and your home no matter how tall your roof may be. 30, 40, 50 feet or more is no problem for our policy. Most worker’s compensation policies out there have a “restriction of 20 feet or LESS” and most do not cover “Chimney Cleaning and Fireplace Installation Services”.

We proudly share with you that our Worker’s Compensation Policy does cover “Our Services”.

Remember, not all “Insurance” policies are created equal. Just as with your Auto policy: your Insurance Card does not specify that you have “Collision” Coverage, “Medical” Coverage, or “Uninsured Motorist” Coverage.

The same goes for “Worker’s Compensation” policies. A Certificate of Insurance does not specify if the proper classifications such as “Chimney Cleaning” (5474 & 5482) are covered in the policy. It’s possible a worker’s comp. policy coverage may only cover “Retail” or “Clerical” employees and not their chimney technicians or fireplace installers. You won’t know unless you ask for documentation showing those proper classes are covered.

Rest assure you and your home are protected choosing us for your chimney and fireplace services.

We look forward to the opportunity of earning your business and providing you with a Warm Solution for your family.